Another promising artist from Norway releases Rhythm To Myself this March 18th.

Norway’s rising talent Hedda Mae opens up a time warp to the great 90’s pop movement in her latest single “Rhythm To Myself” and the result sounds incredibly refreshing. Leaving emocore pop songs to her peers, Hedda is all about bringing positive energy into all she does. File this retro soiree alongside classics from the likes of the Spice Girls and S Club 7. This new song will be followed by a new EP out this fall.

Speaking about the song, Hedda explained “Rhythm to myself” is a ’in your face’ bop about being done wasting time on people who lower your spirits, when all you wanna do is have fun – and DANCE! Who says we’re dependent on others to have a good time? With Rhythm to myself, the quirkiness and playfulness in the Hedda Mae universe are taken to a new level. Not everything has to be so serious all the time!”

Hedda is now two-thirds through her planned trilogy of EPs. Those finding her music for the first time today will find her Introducing: Hedda Mae & The Early Struggles Of A Late Millenial EP’s good character analysis for a talented newcomer who brings some much-needed colour to pop music.

Looking ahead to future releases, Hedda explains that whether a song is about toxic relationships in your early 20s, taking down the men of the music industry, or overcoming superficiality, she’ll be writing what she knows about: “I feel like I’m still a fresh artist so the most important part for me is to bring songs that I can relate most to myself or the strongest ones. It’s not necessarily a cohesive story through the songs…every track is probably inspired by a young person’s daily life. I’ve gathered stories from my friends, and obviously my own life!” Whatever her inspiration brings on her third EP coming this year – and Hedda is obsessing over Anderson.Paak and Bruno Mars’ Silk Sonic project – the one thing we can be sure of is that Hedda Mae will remain among the most relatable new pop star we have.

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