Døssi is letting go of the past on “last time together / how it ended”

"Last time together / how it ended" is out 28 January on GEMS / Warner Music Norway.

Ingrid Døssland – aka the incredible Norwegian artist døssi – had a fantastic 2021, releasing a series of heartbreakingly beautiful singles and her debut EP bluebirds. She also played a series of well-received gigs at the important Norwegian showcase festival by:Larm. The EP was a collection of songs about loss, grief and memory shaded in deep blue hues, and established døssi as a timeless storyteller with a unique voice.

In 2022 døssi continues to play with the themes of letting go, and knowing when it’s time to move on. Painted in golden hues rather than blues, the double single “last time together / how it ended” is a stately elegy to those moments. It’s out 28 January on GEMS/Warner Music Norway.

last time together” is a song that reveals riches on repeated listens. On the face of it, the track is one of døssi’s brightest tracks so far, almost urgent acoustic strums balancing against the heartache in the lyrics. As always, døssi’s voice is crystalline and pure…yet on further listens you can pick out some background studio chatter under some washes of ambient noise, a piano line that acts as a weight and beat for the song and a male harmony drifting in and out, in an act of letting go. “how it ended” is a stunning coda; a rough recording of voice and guitar interrupted – perhaps in the style of a Big Red Machine song – by a blast of synthesiser noise which carries the sketch off into exciting new territory.

last time together is about the moment you realise that a relationship is over,” says døssi. “Even if nothing is said nothing is unsaid either, and the only thing that makes sense is to let go. It’s about the feeling that quickly hits you hard in the stomach, and you realise that it has actually been over for a while already.” She adds of “how it ended” “it’s the silence of time or when you have finally reconciled yourself to letting go.”

2022 has only just begun and døssi is setting the bar high for herself and starting to take her music in thrilling new directions.

Listen to ‘last time together‘/’How it ended’

Artwork by Sara Westergaard Karlsen
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